• 15 January 2019
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648 Complaints and Complaints Received During 2018

The Government Comptroller of Tamaulipas, received 648 complaints and denunciations, during 2018, which were sent to the State Government Control bodies (410), to the other legislative and judicial powers, as well as other governmental, federal and Municipal Government (135) and Decentralized Organizations (103).

The Government Comptroller Mario Soria Landero, assured that all the complaints and complaints presented were given the corresponding legal procedure, for its correct attention and follow-up.

The state official stressed that the complaints and complaints filed and sent to the control bodies have been resolved, 62 and 348 are in the process of being resolved.

The confidence that the institution is generating in society, allows those who perform some procedure, in any of the three instances of government and not feel satisfied with the service received, are expressing their dissatisfaction through the complaint or the complaint to the Government Comptroller , said the Head of the Unit.

The Control Bodies received 289 verified written complaints and complaints plus 121 anonymous writings. On the other hand, to the Legislative and Judicial Powers, 135 received complaints and denunciations that were presented in the Government Comptroller's Office and that correspond to those instances to attend them and resolve them.

The same procedure was applied to 103 complaints and denunciations that were received against decentralized agencies, they were turned over for their attention and resolution, said the Government Comptroller.

The complaints and citizen complaints were received by email (373), in the 070 telephone hotline 121 was received, in writing delivered to the receiving Unit were 148, plus six (6) where those affected personally appeared before the Comptroller's Office .

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