• 28 January 2019
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The Government Comptroller's Office Promotes the Eradication of Violence Against Women

The Government Comptroller of Tamaulipas, following the precise instructions of the Governor of the State, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, to prevent through information, training and awareness, family violence, sexual and against women, trained, through its Legal Department, all its staff in that regard.

The Government Comptroller, Mario Soria Landero, instructed Dr. Romana Saucedo Cantú, Legal Director of the Comptroller's Office, to call all the staff and be trained in this sensitive issue of trying to minimize family violence.

Speakers from the Ministry of Health of Tamaulipas, were in charge of transmitting information and carrying out practical exercises during the workshop of the official Mexican standard: NOM-046-SSA2-2005, called "Family, Sexual and Women's Violence. Criteria for Prevention and Care ".

During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to know and recognize the different types of violence, some of them, that by common that seem to go unnoticed in the daily life of family life.

In order to train all the management and operating personnel of the Comptroller's Office, it was necessary to train in groups for three days, achieving that those who serve society from the Government Comptroller's Office, have more information, sensitivity and conscience, to avoid any type of violence by minor or harmless that is considered in their own family, work and social environment.

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