Hunting in Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas, national leader in hunting tourism for its excellent geographical location, great diversity of species of hunting interest that are in its territory and wide variety of specialized ranches that make it the best option for those national and foreign hunters who are looking for excellent trophies in hair and pen.

The diversity of species in our state includes a large number of birds, including the white-winged pigeon with the largest colony in America, around 15 million birds breed in the municipality of Abasolo and the center of the state . Other species that can be found are the common and scaly quail, huilota pigeon, collar pigeon. Without missing ducks and teals counting with 13 different species which each winter more than 5 millions of birds pass this season in our state. Finally, large geese in which 3 can observe different subspecies that arrive to our territory in winter season.

Among the most sought-after species of hair is the white-tailed deer. There are 3 subspecies of white-tailed deer in our state which are the following the Texan recording measurements of more than 200 "in the Boone and Crockett (most popular measurement system in hunting), the cradle of Texan deer found in the north of Our state in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Guerrero, Mier and Miguel Alemán with more than 700 ranches to hunt. Other subspecies are the Miquihuanensis and the Veraecrusis.

In Tamaulipas the population of the boar collar has grown in numbers never before seen, that is why it is the longest hunting season of all species having a duration of 7 months a year.

Hunting in Tamaulipas

In Tamaulipas we have beautiful landscapes and great weather; Being located in a privileged geographical location on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, with mountains, plains, rivers, lakes and lakes, making it an ideal territory for hunting and sport fishing.

Tamaulipas is a national leader in hunting-specialized tourism thanks to its natural wealth and extraordinary biodiversity in its different ecosystems. Here you can find great game in fur and feather, being the best option for hunters searching for good trophies. Among the most wanted species, we can find the white tail Deer with trophies of over 200 points in the Boone & Crocket scale.

When it comes to birds, Tamaulipas has a vast amount of species, including more than 15 millions of dollars, the biggest reserve of the "White Wing Dove" in the American continent and which can be found mostly in the center regions of the state, also offering a great diversity of duck, geese, quail and turkey hunting.

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