Mission and vision


Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Tamaulipas, favoring that all people regardless of their ethnic or national origin, gender, age, different abilities, social condition, health conditions, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, state civil or any other that threatens human dignity; they are guaranteed the enjoyment of their social rights and the population's access to social development in an environment of well-being and order, through the formulation and conduct of a social welfare policy that contributes to the reconstruction of the social fabric with a rights perspective human and gender, privileging attention to the sectors of the most vulnerable population; and to restore peace through social attention and prevention of violence and crime.

To be a Secretariat that provides welfare to the population of Tamaulipas through the design and implementation of programs that ensure the provision of their basic needs for human well-being and social improvement, both for women and men, recognizing them as rights holders, contributing to the human welfare, social improvement and restoration of peace, promoting the culture of peace and legality.

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