Organic Structure

1. Secretariat of Social Welfare

2. Undersecretary of Human Rights and Social Attention to Violence

2.1 Integrated Community Services Coordination

2.1.1 Management of Wellness Centers Department of Wellness Centers Urban and Mixed Zone Department of Wellness Centers Rural Zone

2.1.2 Directorate of Psychoemotional Care Department of Program Design and Planning PE Department of Attention Units PE Urban and Mixed Area Department of Attention Units PE Rural Area

2.2 Coordination of Care Policies

2.2.1. Directorate of Care for the Elderly Department of Program Design and Planning for PM Program Control and Improvement Department for PM

2.2.2. Directorate of Attention to Girls and Boys Department of Children's Stations Urban and Mixed Zone Department of Children's Rooms Rural Area

2.3.1. Human Rights Policy Directorate Subdirección de Derechos Humanos Department of Promotion and Training of DH Department of Liaison with Organizations

2.3.2. Technical and Control Management Department of Strategic Planning and Budgetary Control. Department of Institutional Linkage and Transversality Program Monitoring Department Department of Projects for the Public Space Supervision Department New Laredo Control Link Reynosa Control Link Control Link Matamoros Tampico Control Link

3. Undersecretariat of Social Welfare

3.1 Coordination of Federal Programs

3.1.1. Directorate of Federal Programs Department of Federal Programs Urban and Mixed Zone Department of Federal Programs Rural Area

3.2 Coordination of State Programs

3.2.1. Directorate of State Programs Department of State Programs Urban and Mixed Zone Department of State Programs Rural Area

3.3 General Coordination of Delegations

3.3.1. Nuevo Laredo Regional Office New Laredo Delegation Technical assistance Delegate from Guerrero, Cd. Mier, Miguel Alemán, Camargo, Díaz Ordaz Technical Assistance of Guerrero, Cd. Mier, Miguel Alemán Camargo Technical Assistance Technical Assistance by Díaz Ordaz

3.3.2. Reynosa Regional Office Reynosa Delegation Technical assistance Rio Bravo Delegation Technical assistance

3.3.3. Matamoros Regional Office Matamoros Delegation Technical assistance Valle Hermoso Delegation Technical assistance

3.3.4. San Fernando Regional Office Delegation of San Fernando, Méndez, Burgos and Cruillas Technical Assistance of San Fernando Technical Assistance from Méndez, Burgos and Cruillas Delegation of Jiménez, Abasolo, Padilla and Güémez Technical Assistance of Jiménez and Abasolo Technical Assistance by Padilla and Güémez Delegation of San Carlos, San Nicolás, Hidalgo, Mainero and Villagrán Technical Assistance of San Carlos and San Nicolás Technical Assistance of Hidalgo, Mainero and Villagrán

3.3.5. Victoria Victoria Regional Office Delegation of Jaumave, Palmillas, Miquihuana, Bustamante and Tula Technical Assistance of Jaumave and Palmillas Technical Assistance of Miquihuana and Bustamante Tula Technical Assistance Delegation of Llera, Ocampo, Gómez Farías, Antiguo Morelos, Nuevo Morelos, González, Xicoténcatl and El Mante Technical Assistance of Llera Technical Assistance from Ocampo and Gómez Farías Technical Assistance of Antiguo Morelos and Nuevo Morelos Technical Assistance by González Technical Assistance of Xicoténcatl Technical Assistance of El Mante Delegation of Ciudad Victoria, Villa de Casas and Soto la Marina Technical Assistance of Ciudad Victoria Technical Assistance of Villa de Casas Technical Assistance of Soto la Marina

3.3.6. Tampico Regional Office Delegation of Aldama and Altamira Technical Assistance of Aldama Technical Assistance of Altamira Delegation of Madero Technical assistance Delegation of Tampico Technical assistance

4. Undersecretariat of Promotion and Social Participation

4.1 Coordination of Training and Social Promotion

4.1.1. Social Promotion Department Department of Andragogy and Content Design Training Department

4.1.2. Directorate of Citizen Empowerment Department of Promotion and Generation of Associations

ong> 4.2 Liaison and Civic Coordination Coordination

4.2.1 Direction of Linkage with Social and Civil Organizations and Private Initiative Department of Attention and Follow-up

ong> 4.3 Coordination of Citizen Participation

4.3.1 Directorate of Citizen Participation Councils Department of Urban and Mixed Zone Councils Department of Rural Area Councils

ong> 4.4 Technical and Administrative Liaison Branch

5. Technical Secretariat

5.1. General Legal Coordination

5.1.1. Directorate of Transparency and Regulations Department of Transparency and Access to Public Information Department of Legislative Analysis and Regulations

5.1.2. Address of Agreements and Contracts Contractual Department Department of Agreements with Organizations and Institutions

5.1.3. Interinstitutional Normalization Directorate Department of liaison with the Institutes of Youth and Women Department of liaison with the Institutes of Culture and Sports

5.2. Analysis and Research Coordination

5.2.1. Directorate of Socio-economic Studies Department of Sociological Studies Department of Economic Studies

5.2.2. Directorate of Statistics and Measurement of Indicators Department of Information Technology Department of Cartography

5.2.3. Forecast Management Projection Department Projects Department

5.3. Technical Coordination and Program Planning
5.3.1. Department of Programming and Program Management

5.3.2. Directorate of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department of Planning and Follow-up Control and Report Department

5.3.3. Head of the Unique Registry of Right Holders Department of Registration and Updating of Right Holders

trong> 6 Private Secretariat
6.1. Department of Programming and Organization of Events

6.2. Logistics department

6.3. Department of Hearing Programming

6.4. Citizen Service Directorate
6.4.1. Department of Citizen Services
6.4.2. Agenda Programming Department

6.5. Direction of Commitments

6.6. Administrative Address
6.6.1. Department of Financial Resources
6.6.2. Department of Material Resources and General Services
6.6.3. Department of Human Resources and Administrative Development
6.6.4. Technical Support Department

6.7. Social Communication Department
6.7.1. Department of Image and Social Networks

6.8. Advisors

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