Wellness for the Elderly

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas, through the Ministry of Social Welfare, has implemented a social welfare policy that serves the elderly population and contributes to reducing poverty and lag rates in this population group; For this reason, he has designed the Welfare Program for the Elderly.

General Purpose
Improve the living conditions of the population older than 70 years or more, through the granting of economic resources that allow them to have access to better cover the basic needs related to health, food, clothing and housing, among others, mitigating with this the social inequalities that this population group faces.

Specific objectives
Contribute to the strengthening of the income of households that have a Senior Citizen of 70 years or more, who are below the minimum line of welfare established by the CONEVAL and / or have social needs.
Grant bimonthly financial support to the Law Holder who does not have a pension or retirement, in order to supplement some of their basic needs.

For more information:
Secretariat of Social Welfare
Undersecretary of Human Rights and Social Attention to Violence
Coordination of Care Policies
Directorate of Care for the Elderly
Phone: (834) 107 8102
Email: coordpoliticasdecuidado@gmail.com
Government Center of Bicentennial Tower Offices, 3 Floor, United Nations Libramiento and Prolongación Praxedis Balboa, Ciudad Victoria, Tam.

Or go to the Delegation of Social Welfare corresponding to each municipality of the state.

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