Welfare for Civil Society Organizations

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas, through the Ministry of Social Welfare, has implemented a social welfare policy that contributes to the participation of the Organized Civil Society, for which it has designed the Welfare Program for Civil Society Organizations.

General Purpose
Develop a comprehensive program that promotes the empowerment of Organized Civil Society, in order to incorporate its participation and effective incidence in the reduction of social backwardness, the reduction of deficiencies, the prevention of violence and the citizenship of public spaces, through the development of social and productive projects with a perspective of human rights, gender equality and sustainable development.

Specific goal
Contribute to improve the impact of Civil Society Organizations in addressing social issues, through training to acquire knowledge and tools, expand their organizational, operational and interaction capabilities.

For more information:
Secretariat of Social Welfare
Undersecretariat of Promotion and Social Participation
Liaison and Civic Coordination Coordination
Telefono: (834) 1078118
Email: articulacion.ciudadana@tamaulipas.gob.mx
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