• 08 de julio de 2019
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Take SEBIEN benefits to families of the ejido San Germán

San Fernando, Tamaulipas.- The Government of Tamaulipas, titled Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, through the Secretariat of Social Welfare (SEBIEN) continues working together with members of civil society to bring benefits to the population of Tamaulipas.

That is why the SEBIEN, through an agreement in collaboration with the company Rotoplas SA de CV made the first delivery of benefits of the Subsidized Input Program.

It was a total of 20 tinacos that were delivered to the same number of families in the Ejido San Germán municipality of San Fernando, who through this program achieved savings of 30%, thus helping their economy.

The person in charge of the SEBIEN Office, Rómulo Garza Martínez, presided over the event, accompanied by the San Fernando municipal president, José Ríos Silva; his wife Rosa Elia Garza de Ríos, president of the DIF System of the municipality, representing the secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García, attended by Francisco Quintanilla Sosa, undersecretary of Rural Development; Also present was Anyolet Benítez Mejía, president of the Mexican Rural Pride Association (AMOR), among other guests.

The Subsidized Inputs Program of the SEBIEN aims to provide alternatives to the community for the acquisition of products that guarantee basic services and the improvement of spaces in homes, through collaboration agreements with companies and non-governmental institutions, with savings to the family economy from 30 to 50%, on average, of the commercial cost.

Currently this program operates with 2 streams: Inputs to Community Groups through the Mariana Trinitaria Congregation, AC and the Rotoplas - SEBIEN Agreement. The first allows organized groups of minimum 15 people in assembly, manage products from a catalog of 90 inputs.

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