• 09 de julio de 2019
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Delivery of water tanks to families of Burgos

Burgos, Tamaulipas. - The Government of the State, which is titled Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, through the Ministry of Social Welfare (SEBIEN), carried out the delivery of 57 water tanks in the municipality of Burgos, which were managed through the Subsidized Input Program of the Government of the State of Tamaulipas, in coordination with the Mariana Congregation Trinitaria (CMT).

The event was chaired by Rómulo Garza Martínez, in charge of the SEBIEN Office; Jorge Eleazar Galván García, municipal president of Burgos; Álvaro Humberto Barrientos Barrón, undersecretary of Social Welfare; Maybella Lizeth Ramírez Saldívar, regional director of Social Welfare, among other officials.

Since its creation in April of the 2017, the Subsidized Supplies Program of the SEBIEN, in terms of housing improvement, has granted the following benefits to the burgueños: 279 Rotoplas supplies such as water tanks, cisterns, drinking fountains, nurseries, hoppers and tanks storage; 144 tons of cement; likewise 3 thousand 640 milk boxes that were delivered to families in the municipality.

The Governor is firmly committed to continue supporting the family economy, contributing to their well-being and improving the home, for which SEBIEN continues with the efforts so that all families have access to the Subsidized Supplies Program, either with water tanks , rods, cement, premium liquid milk, and many more items.

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