Also, DIF System and Rotary Club benefits people with cataracts

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Through the collaboration agreement signed between the Government of Tamaulipas, which is titled Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, through the Social Welfare Secretariat (SEBIEN) with the Club Rotary International 4130 District, 100 cataract operations were performed on low-income residents of this capital.

The main objective of this agreement was to provide civil society, especially those who need it most, with support that benefits their well-being and their daily lives.

The Undersecretary of Promotion and Social Participation, Víctor Adrián Meraz Padrón, informed that through this agreement 100 has changed the lives of people with cataract problems.

This work was carried out in conjunction with the Tamaulipas DIF System, chaired by Mrs. Mariana Gómez de García Cabeza de Vaca; the Coordination of Liaison and Citizen Articulation of Sebien and the Rotary Club.

For the execution of this program, the Government of Tamaulipas, through the SEBIEN, contributed an amount of 500 thousand pesos and the Rotary Club 250 thousand pesos.

This confirms once again the commitment signed by Governor Francisco Cabeza De Vaca with organized civil society to continue supporting, supporting and strengthening the work of the entity's Civil Organizations.

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