Government of the State and Sebien project to carry out 815 works through the FISE program in this 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Government of the State of Tamaulipas, through the Ministry of Social Welfare (SEBIEN), will carry out this year the construction of 815 rooms as well as 22 electrification works and 23 works of rehabilitation of drinking water, drainage and sewerage for home improvement in several municipalities of the state.

It is through federal resources, under the Social Infrastructure Fund for Entities (FISE) program, that these actions will be carried out for the population that is in priority attention areas, said Rómulo Garza Martínez, in charge of the SEBIEN Office.

For the realization of these works SEBIEN will work together with the municipalities, for which the signing of 4 collaboration agreements with Victoria, San Fernando, González and Altamira have already been carried out.

The number of homes benefiting from the FISE program in this 2019 will be from 2,653, which will affect the lives of approximately 9,816 people.

It should be noted that from the 2016 to date 2,620 rooms have been built, more than those that are projected to be carried out this year, in order to combat the problem of overcrowding.

In this way, the State Government has directly and immediately contributed to improving the housing conditions of the Tamaulipas, especially in those who need it most.

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