Areas of the Secretariat


It is the Parastatal Decentralized Public Organization, whose commitment is to provide and provide present and future social security to public servants of the State Government and their rightful beneficiaries, as well as to pensioners and pensioners, always seeking to expand their benefits and coverage, with greater efficiency , quality and continuous improvement.

General and Historical Archive of the State of Tamaulipas

The General and Historical Archive of the State of Tamaulipas (AGHET) is a dependency of the State Executive, whose essential function consists in implanting mechanisms tending to the conservation and control of documents, files, manuscripts, books, maps, plans, brochures, etc., that due to their importance, age or nature should be included in their inventory and custody; as well as the provision of the information service to the public.

Undersecretariat of Innovation and Information Technologies

Its objective is to define the strategy of innovation and administrative and service modernization offered by the Government of Tamaulipas, incorporating information technologies in the dependencies and decentralized organizations, considering the citizen as the central axis.

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