• 26 September 2018
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Volunteer retreat program begins

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Secretary of Administration of the State Government, Miguel Ángel Villarreal Ongay, announced the start of the pilot program "Voluntary Retreats", as a measure to purify the state workforce, which will represent a significant saving for the administration state.

Villarreal Ongay said that the dependence to his position through the General Directorate of Human Resources, guarantees the labor rights of workers interested in this scheme.

"With the application of this strategy it is estimated a saving of around 5 million pesos per year; what represents a significant saving for the state administration; the vacancies that will remain vacant will not be occupied for new hires and the tasks will be distributed among the personnel assigned in each area ", informed the secretary.

He said from the September 15, date that the pilot plan was reported, approximately 16 employees showed interest; however the program is designed for 100 volunteers, in its first stage.

The plan is aimed at workers with a seniority of zero to 10 years, who wish to withdraw from the state public service; those interested will be compensated according to the Law.

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