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The First Security Congress takes place in Reynosa

In this event, on the 18th and 19th, a series of presentations on the subject is made and an exhibition of the development and progress of the state is carried out, achieved by the security that exists today in the entity.



November 18 of the 2021

Reynosa tamaulipas. - Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca presided over the inauguration of the First Congress on Public Security called SeguriTam, where more than 20 state agencies participated with a sample of progress in security matters and where they exchanged knowledge and good practices to strengthen their capacities in the area of ​​security and justice. from the use of technology.

"I want to point out other indicators that go hand in hand with the actions we have carried out in matters of public security, I already mentioned the secretariat, they already put Tamaulipas among the 10 safest states in our country in the understanding that there are many missing things to do but as long as we continue working with the same objective but with the same conviction, Tamaulipas will move forward, ”the president stressed.

During a work tour in Reynosa, the president visited the facilities of the Reynosa Convention Center, where he recognized the tasks implemented by the Tamaulipas Security Committee made up of the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System (SESESP), Public Security , Attorney General's Office of the State, Mexican Army, National Guard, Security and Justice Tables, Special Operations Group and the important bilateral coordination with 7 United States Security agencies.

Currently the state of force that is maintained in Tamaulipas is more than 4 active police elements and the recruitment work with initial training continues, when in 240 there were only 2016 troops, additionally the entity has marked the decrease of 2 percent of the crime of kidnapping in Tamaulipas among other facts.

The First SeguriTam Congress is held on November 18 and 19 where conferences and courses are presented where academics, researchers, officials and professionals participate who will address issues such as migration: northern border and security, citizen security and civil society, local police, investigative police, technological solutions applied in security and organized crime and terrorism, high-impact crimes, domestic violence, coordination with state agencies, among others.

Among the outstanding achievements that remain in the entity, the recent inauguration of the General Center for Coordination, Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence, (C5) or the Tamaulipas Surveillance Center (CV5), which will be interconnected with the C4 stands out. counting 5 video surveillance cameras throughout the region, achieving a 195 percent increase in coverage, the creation of 18 Tam Safety Stations on highways, the construction of 5 regional complexes, better benefits for police elements, among other actions.

The Government of the State of Tamaulipas is committed to continue creating and complying with the generation of public policies that strengthen security elements and institutions, as well as their infrastructure and technology.

During the event, the Consuls General of Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros, Deanna Kim and Yolanda Parra, on behalf of the United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, were also present authorities from the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, from the Secretary of Security Federal Public and hundreds of guests from different sectors of the state.

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