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Governors Francisco Cabeza de Vaca and Samuel García agree on the demand for budget justice for the entities.

When protesting as Governor of Nuevo León, García Sepúlveda thanked Tamaulipas for their support in guaranteeing the safety of the vaccination caravans that came to Texas from that entity.




October 03 of the 2021

Monterrey, NL. During his inauguration as president, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlveda, recognized the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, the support provided by the State Police to guarantee the safety of the vaccination caravans that traveled to Texas from Nuevo León.

"To my friend Cabeza de VacaWelcome to Nuevo León, neighbor. I want to thank you on behalf of the 40 thousand vaccinated for all the deployment that the Tamaulipas State Police gave to take care of the New Leonese who went to be vaccinated. That gesture is not forgotten and you have me at your command ", said García Sepúlveda.

For his part, Governor García Cabeza de Vaca He wished García Sepúlveda success in his management and said he agreed with the proposal to rethink the fiscal coordination schemes between the Entities and the Federation, in order to guarantee budget justice to the most competitive states such as Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

“I was very pleased to hear the topic that we have put on the table in relation to a new agreement with the Federation in what has to do with fiscal coordination. We are a region and one of the most productive states in the country, the ones that generate more wealth, more taxes, more jobs. There must be justice for those of us who promote development to be highly competitive, "said the Governor of Tamaulipas.

The ceremony was held at the Monterrey City Theater with the presence of other state leaders such as Mauricio Vila Dosal from Yucatán, Omar Fayad Meneses from Hidalgo, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez from Jalisco and Alejandro Murat Hinojosa from Oaxaca, in addition to the Secretariat of Economy of the Government of Mexico, Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo.


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