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Tamaulipas strengthens the genetic quality of its cattle



October 02 of the 2021

Aldama, Tamaulipas.- This Saturday, in the municipality of Aldama, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, provided support to cattle ranchers in the region, from the 2021 Genetic Improvement program, currently the Government of Tamaulipas, has granted more than 6 subsidized stallions with an amount of $ 800; for the improvement of the herd of the cattle producers of the state.

Local livestock producers received from the president Cabeza de Vaca, 130 bovine stallions of the Beefmaster, Brahman, Charbray, Black Brangus, Red Brangus, Suiz Bu breeds, and 15 sheep stallions from 20 herds in the region.

"Thank you, to each of you who accompany us to this 2021 genetic improvement program, where 130 stallions will be available, this program has been extremely successful and is a national benchmark," said the president to producers of the Aldama cattle union, international reference association.

Despite the federation's budget cut, the Governor confirmed his commitment to continue allocating the State Government's own resources, "that is why I am here, to endorse that commitment that I have with each one of you," he said. Cabeza de Vaca.

“At the end of my administration, we are going to quantify a very large amount of support for the Tamaulipas countryside, only from the State Government, and with regard to bulls, about 6 bulls have been supported, which have been made available of the ranchers and producers in our state,

During the current administration, the State Government, through the Tamaulipas Rural Development Secretariat, has benefited just over 6 producers with the genetic improvement program.

Provided, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, met with members of the Local Livestock Association of Aldama, where he endorsed his commitment to continue allocating state resources, to continue to maintain quality standards and continue to be among the first states with the highest export meat production.

The event was attended by the Mayor, Alejandro García Barrientos, the Secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García, the President of the Regional Livestock Union, Julio César Gutierrez Chapa, the President of the Local Livestock Association, Liberato Garcia Sánchez, the Undersecretary of Livestock Development and Forestal, Romeo Flores Leal and the director of Livestock Extension, Gerardo Barrera Peña, other guests.

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