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For the good of Tamaulipas, the unity of the political forces in Congress must prevail: Governor Cabeza de Vaca.

When attending the beginning of the First Period of sessions of the XLV legislature, the president reiterated his will to continue working in coordination with the legislative branch.



October 01 of the 2021

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He participated as a witness during the beginning of the First Period of Sessions of the LXV Legislature in Tamaulipas, where he congratulated and endorsed his commitment with the new legislators to work in coordination and total political disposition in favor of the interests and needs of the citizens.

During his work tour in the state capital, the president witnessed the appointment of the presidency, substitution and secretaries of the board of directors of the Congress of the State of Tamaulipas, who will be during the first period and in the same way wished luck and called everyone political banks to legislate agreements and generate consensus that benefit families.

“They must always unite political forces, beyond the ideals or party colors, it is always to put the interest of the Tamaulipas first. This is where I see that these balances are going to play a very important role, I repeat, no parliamentary group has an absolute majority. And that is where they will have to reach important agreements to move Tamaulipas forward and always defend it. "

During his speech, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He asked legislators to maintain a political balance and generate initiatives or congruent law reforms that work hand in hand with authorities from the three levels of government.

“They will have to reach many agreements, for the benefit of the Tamaulipas. Reaching agreements and consensus that allow initiatives and reforms to be carried out, and among them, to work hand in hand with a single objective, to move Tamaulipas forward ”.

During the public and solemn session were present the deputies Edmundo José Marón Manzur, Imelda Margarita Sanmiguel Sánchez, Félix Fernando García Aguiar, the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horacio Ortiz Renán, the mayor of Tampico, Jesús Antonio Nader Nasrallah, local deputies and federal, business chambers, leaders of political parties, religious associations and civil society.


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