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  • 02 September 2021
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Governor of Tamaulipas Francisco endorses Cabeza de Vaca coordination with the Mexican Army.



September 02 of the 2021

Apodaca, Nuevo León.- Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca It endorsed the commitment of disposition, coordination, communication and collaboration with the commands that make up the IV Military Region comprised by the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí.

Within the framework of the solemn ceremony of taking possession, recognition and protest of the flag of the General of the Brigadier Diploma of the General Staff, Pablo Alberto Lechuga Orta as Commander of the IV Military Region, the president recognized the tasks in coordination with state forces, same that have been successfully completed in the entity.

He called for continuing to join forces and maintain a joint effort close to the citizenry, in order to guarantee well-being, peace and the rule of law in the three states.

“My recognition and gratitude on behalf of the Government of the State and the people of Tamaulipas to our General Pablo Alberto Lechuga, those of us who had the opportunity to work hand in hand with him when he was commander of the Eighth Tamaulipas Military Zone, we realized his capacity, of your dedication, of your work of the results of your love and loyalty to the homeland I want you to know generally that the state government will continue to work hand in hand with you now as commander of the fourth region we know and we will be doing it in a in a coordinated way as we have done until today ”, mentioned the president.

The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca recognized the patriotic loyalty, in addition to the ability and achievements of the military command, who maintains a wide trajectory and experience with initial training at the Heroico Colegio Militar, application of weapons and services, also having knowledge of parachuting and air operations, Bachelor of Military Administration in the Superior School of War, administration and training with foreign recognition from the University of Georgia, Superior of War and Joint Actions, Presidential Security, Master's Degree in National Security in the center for higher naval studies of the Armed Secretariat of Mexico, among other specialties.

“Working in a coordinated way, with will I know that I am fully convinced that we will continue to establish order, peace and the rule of law as we have done to this day in our state, it is time to join forces, capacities, talents , resources but above all political will to continue strengthening one of the most productive regions of this country and I am referring to the state of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, we will continue to do the same once again my general on behalf of the people of Tamaulipas and the state government know that you have an ally and a friend to move the entire region forward, at a good time and congratulations, "he said.

In the same way, he has successfully served as Section Commander of the 57th Infantry Battalion, Private Secretary of the Director of the Heroic Military College, Section Commander of the 4th Infantry Battalion, Company Commander of the 43rd Infantry Battalion, Chief of the 3rd Section in the General Staff of the First Region and First military zone, Head of the groups of military establishments and liaison in the operations of the third section of the General Staff of the national defense, in addition to having been Commander of the 4th Transportation Battalion of the Army Corps , Chief of Staff of the second military zone, among others.

With the appointment of a new command in the IV Military Region, the Government of the State of Tamaulipas commits and guarantees the union of efforts, capacities, talents and resources with total political will to continue maintaining the peace and tranquility of the Tamaulipas.

During the ceremony were present the Senior Officer of the National Defense General of the Division Diploma of the General Staff Gabriel García Rincón, the Governor of the State of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, General of the Brigadier Diploma of the General Staff Andrés Valencia Valencia, General of the Diploma of the Brigadier Major Crisóforo Martínez Parra, Brigadier General with a Diploma of the General Staff, Mario Alberto Martínez Verduzco, the Brigadier General with a Diploma of the General Staff, Vicente Antonio Hernández and the Brigadier General with a Diploma of the General Staff, José Manuel Ramírez Martínez.

In addition to the president of the Tamaulipas State Congress, Félix Fernando García Aguiar, the mayor of Matamoros, Mario Alberto López Hernández, the mayor of Río Bravo, Carlos Rafael Ulivarri López, the head of the representative office of the National Institute of Migration Seguismundo Doguin Martínez, businessmen, media representatives and other special guests.

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