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  • 10 September 2021
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Government of Tamaulipas promotes actions in favor of the flora and fauna of regional ecosystems

Through actions aimed at the conservation of endemic species and vegetation in the region, the State Government contributes to the protection, respect and promotion of the care of nature.




September 09 of the 2021

La Pesca, Tamaulipas. - In order to contribute to the preservation of endemic species of Tamaulipas, provide environmental education and conserve regional ecosystems, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca promoted actions that help maintain nature, tourism and economic development in favor of the people of Tamaulipas.

Through the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment (Seduma), 150 specimens of green sea turtle or Chelonia Mydas were released by their scientific name.

This species is part of the 5 types of turtles that reach the Tamaulipas beaches, which reach dimensions of up to a meter and a half long, weighing more than 200 kilos, and lay 75 to 150 eggs on the shores; their life expectancy reaches 80 years.

As part of the preservation strategy for this endemic species, the Government of Tamaulipas in the current administration has promoted actions to protect more than 140 thousand eggs and more than 105 thousand sea turtle hatchlings have been released.

Likewise, through the Binational Program for the Conservation of the Kemp's ridley, in the current administration, more than 442 thousand eggs were protected and 347 thousand 500 sea turtle hatchlings were released from the incubation pens located in the Protection and Protection Centers. Conservation of Sea Turtles in the municipality of Soto la Marina.

Regarding the Sea Turtle Program, the State Government, on the instructions of the executive, protected 5 sea turtle eggs in the last 77 years and 269 specimens of this species have been released into the sea.

Continuing the program for the preservation of natural spaces, the Government of Tamaulipas has promoted from the beginning of the administration the project called "Recovery of Mangrove Ecosystems in the Coastal Coast of Tamaulipas", investing in the care and planting of black and white mangroves , red and buttonwood in more than 28.95 kilometers in critical areas of the coastline.

Based on this, a total production of 39 seedlings of different mangrove species has been promoted with the aim of reforesting deteriorated areas, and improving the ecosystem of the region.

During the event, the municipal president of Soto la Marina, Abel Gámez Cantú; Captain David Castro Castro, representing the Rear Admiral Diplomate of the General Staff; Carlos Alberto Mendoza Rovira, Commander of the La Pesca Naval Sector; in addition to Gilberto Estrella Hernández, secretary of Seduma; the Secretary of Tourism, Fernando Olivera Rocha; the Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Antonio Garza de Yta; and the rector of the Universidad Tecnológica del Mar, Héctor Hugo Gojón.

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