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  • 03 September 2021
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Gral. Vicente Antonio Hernández Sánchez assumes the Command of the 8 / a. Military area.

During the inauguration ceremony and flag protest held in Reynosa, the State Governor said that thanks to the collaboration, coordination and communication with the Mexican Army, Tamaulipas has made important advances in security matters.



September 03 of the 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca recognized important advances in security matters thanks to the coordination, collaboration and communication with the Mexican Army, during the ceremony of possession and protest of the flag of the Brigadier General Diplomate of the General Staff, Vicente Antonio Hernández Sánchez, as Commander of the 8 / a Military Zone, based in Reynosa.

«We will maintain that communication and coordination that we have carried out until today, not for something have we had the advances that are seen today and that are launched at the national level and that are giving results here in Tamaulipas. Of course, the Army plays a fundamental role, working on a day-to-day basis, in coordination with the State Public Security Secretariat, with the State Attorney General's Office, with the sole purpose of restoring order, peace and the state. of law in every corner of our state, "he said.

García Cabeza de Vaca he reiterated to the Commander of the 8 / a. Military Zone, Vicente Antonio Hernández Sánchez, his commitment to continue strengthening security and promoting the arrival of new investments that promote the economic development of Tamaulipas.

«There is still much to do, it is also true that there has been a very significant advance that is recognized by locals and strangers, not for something today investments continue to arrive in our state, Tamaulipas occupying the third national place in foreign investment. It is the product of the work, the effort, the coordination that we have, but above all of the trust that they have given us in the different productive sectors and the Tamaulipas society itself, "he said.

Brigadier General DEM Vicente Antonio Hernández Sánchez is originally from Ciudad Sayula, Jalisco and joined the Mexican Army on September 1976, XNUMX. He has a degree in Military Administration from the Higher School of War; Master's in Administration with a specialty in Finance from the La Salle University of Mexico; Master's degree in Military Administration for National Security and Defense at the College of National Defense, University of the Mexican Army and Air Force.

He has served as a junior officer in the 8th and 21st motorized cavalry regiments, as well as in the 25th armored regiment, student officer at the Heroic Military College, professor at the Higher School of War, General Staff Officer in the headquarters of the First Army Corps, V Military Region, 7 / a, 15 / a, 31 / a, 36 / a Military Zones and 4 / a Armored Brigade. Third section and fourth section of the General Staff of the Secretariat of National Defense, in the General Directorate of Military Transport as head of the technical section, as well as commander of the 2nd, 4th and 19th motorized cavalry regiments and commander of the military garrison of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Social Security Institute for the Armed Forces of Mexicans on behalf of the Secretariat of National Defense, representative of the Secretariat of National Defense before the Control and Audit Committee of the Institute of Social Security for the Mexican Armed Forces, Representative of the National Defense Staff before the National Defense Committee before the Internal Control Committee of the National Defense Secretariat in addition to obtaining a performance distinction for the DN-III plan for participating in attention of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the ceremony were present the Deputy President of the Political Coordination Board of the State Congress Félix Fernando García Aguiar, the Attorney General of Justice Irving Barrios Mojica and the Head of the Office of the State Delegation of the Attorney General's Office Ernesto Cuitláhuac Vázquez Queen.

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