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  • 09 de julio de 2021
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Tamaulipas Government will promote more hotel investment in Playa Miramar.


09 July 2021

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- During the raising of the Blue Flag in Playa Miramar, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca reiterated its commitment to state and municipal authorities, hoteliers, service providers and investors in the southern area, to continue promoting all opportunities for commercial, business and economic development of the beach, after the State Government recovered an area of land in the coastal part that were improperly in the hands of individuals and are now available to investors.

“We are going to continue promoting this beach, with total transparency making the land that we have recovered available to investors. These areas are going to be made available precisely to investors, ”he said.

He said that by building the Mante-Ocampo-Tula highway that will connect Bajío states more directly with the southern part of Tamaulipas, more attraction will be generated for investors in the tourism branch because the demand for rooms or accommodation will multiply.

He said, “I have already had meetings with different productive sectors, with businessmen from the south of Tamaulipas, always giving them priority, and that they are the ones who make these investments, but also see the possibility that they make some partnerships with some other investors from some other parts of our country ”.

"What I can anticipate is that investments in hotel matters are coming to the south of our State," said the Governor.

“This will give a greater dynamism, but above all the possibility that walkers and tourists can have more accommodation areas. The Secretary of Tourism is already doing the same and I know that we are going to work hand in hand with the municipal government, to continue promoting these investments, which generates an extremely important economic spill, but at the same time that it opens more spaces and more rooms for the visitors and tourists ”, highlighted the Governor.

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, said that when resources, efforts and political will are added, it is the only way to carry out projects.

“The results are in sight, we are the only beach in the Gulf of Mexico, which is not only inclusive, but now has the distinctive of the Blue Flag-Blue Flag; This would not have been possible, but there would have been coordination, collaboration, between the municipal government, the state government, but above all, as I stated a moment ago, political will , stressed the president.

Once the legal certainty of the land has been given, an economic benefit is estimated due to the attraction of investments in the recovered lots, ranging from 800 to 1 billion pesos for traditional hotel projects, condominiums, housing and shopping centers.

Adding from 500 to 700 new hotel rooms, 50 condominiums and the generation of up to 1 direct jobs.

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