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  • 08 de julio de 2021
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Playa Miramar receives international certification for its tourist quality and care for the environment.

On behalf of the world organization, he presented the distinction to the state president, Anthia Viloria Gómez Lastiri, Director of Operations of the Foundation for Environmental Education Mexico.


08 July 2021

Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas.- The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), considered the largest environmental educational organization in the world, delivered the distinctive Blue Flag, which makes Miramar the first beach in the Gulf of Mexico in getting it.

The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and the mayor of Madero, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, raised the Blue Flag in Playa Miramar, as a symbol of the international distinctive awarded by the environmental organization that certified this destination for its tourist quality, care of the environment, safety, hygiene and facilities, being the first beach in the Gulf of Mexico to achieve this recognition.

"It is a pleasure to be here again in Ciudad Madero, especially in the most important beach tourist destination in Tamaulipas and which is the pride of all Tamaulipas, I mean Playa Miramar" said the governor.

The president said "with this vision of being the first beach that will have this distinctive Blue Flag in the Gulf of Mexico, then we already have two: the first inclusive beach and the first beach that has Blue Flag."

García Cabeza de Vaca He was accompanied by his wife Mariana Gómez de García Cabeza de Vaca, President of the Tamaulipas DIF System; Anthia Viloria Gómez Lastiri, Director of Operations of the Foundation for Environmental Education Mexico; the Secretary of Tourism, Fernando Olivera Rocha; as well as representatives of hoteliers, businessmen and palaperos from the Playa area.

Mayor Adrian Oseguera Kernion highlighted that Miramar beach is one of the most important destinations in the northeast of the country and the first beach in the entire Gulf of Mexico to have the Blue Flag international distinction.

"And these distinctions are only achieved when there is true coordination with the State Government, to which I acknowledge the Governor for the support he has given Ciudad Madero, in this distinction as in many other things," he said.

Anthia Viloria Gómez Lastiri, Director of Operations of the Foundation for Environmental Education Mexico for Sustainable Development-FEE Mexico, highlighted that “Miramar meets all the characteristics so that it has registered the second season in the international context of tourism, competing with dignity with other destinations of order. world".

The Blue Flag (Blue Flag) that FEE delivers seeks that those who go to a beach, do so in such a way that their presence is under a responsible environmental use, highlighted the representative of the Executive Director of the Foundation for Environmental Education of Mexico ; Joaquín Arturo Díaz Ríos.

Playa Miramar is distinguished by being the main tourist destination in Tamaulipas and the second most visited beach by land in the entire country, as well as being the only inclusive beach in the entire Gulf of Mexico, along with 8 other states in the country.

It offers people with disabilities and older adults decent spaces for their care, recreation and recreation. The State Government, through the Tamaulipas DIF System, inaugurated it in April 2019.

During this international distinction, the Governor was also accompanied by the head of the municipal DIF, Ana Cristina Organista de Oseguera, the Rear Admiral Diploma General Corps of the General Staff, Carlos Alberto Mendoza Rovira, Chief of the General Staff of the 1st Naval Zone on behalf of the Diploma Naval Aeronautics Pilot Aviator Diploma of General Staff José Carlos Vera Vidal, Commander of the 1st Naval Zone.

Colonel of Infantry Diploma of the General Staff, Nicasio Solís Doroteo, Commander of the 15th Infantry Battalion, Officer Tomás Mar González, Second Commander of the National Guard Region on behalf of Captain Raúl Meneses Ramírez, Regional Coordinator of the National Guard, Sandra Ibarra Gómez, Director of Tourism of Ciudad Madero.

As part of his work schedule, the Governor inaugurated in the Ampliación 15 de Mayo and Hipódromo neighborhood, hydraulic concrete streets, public lighting and garrisons, benefiting inhabitants of these sectors, as well as supervising the work on Anastacio Bustamante Street, in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.


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