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  • 01 de julio de 2021
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A Government Close to You Continues, bringing benefits to families in the most remote rural communities

In the La Peña ejido in the municipality of Miquihuana, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He assured that his Government will continue to serve the families that most need it.



01 July 2021

Miquihuana, Tamaulipas.- Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca On Thursday he presided over an assistance day Un Gobierno Cerca de Ti, a program operated by the Tamaulipas DIF system, which offers free services and programs of the state administration to the most vulnerable population.

Installed in the charro canvas of the La Peña ejido in the municipality of Miquihuana and for the fourth time in this municipality, Un Gobierno Cerca de Ti offered free delivery of hearing aids, dental and medical consultation, psychological counseling, food programs, legal advice, support for the woman, self-employment, Attorney General's Office, Civil Registry, among others.

“What stands out in this municipality is its people, good people, hardworking people, well-born people, that is why I am here to endorse the commitment that I have with everything, know that with the Governor of Tamaulipas, in my government there will always be supporting Miquihuana ”, said García Cabeza de Vaca.

“I personally do have the desire, but above all an aspiration, for Miquihuana to become one of the most important tourist places in our state because it is unique; what we are doing is inviting businessmen from the state and from other parts of the country to come and see the beauty we have in our mountains ”, he added.

During the ceremony, there was the artistic participation of Esaú Cuello, who is a former participant of the Voice Kids and Little Giants, interpreting a special song dedicated to the president and his wife.

García Cabeza de Vaca He reaffirmed his commitment to vulnerable sectors and recalled the importance of continuing to promote programs that contribute to the family economy by offering support from all government agencies in favor of Tamaulipas.

During the event, different beneficiaries thanked Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca the implementation of joint actions in favor of the most vulnerable sectors of isolated populations.

“It is very good, because we receive support in different ways, such as older adults, children, people who need hearing aids, in our case they will give us a bicycle so that my son has the means to arrive sooner at his kindergarten, we thank the governor and his wife very much in advance for giving us the opportunity to support our children ”, Isidra Muñíz Barrón, beneficiary.

“There is a great need, grateful because it is a benefit for all the families of Miquihuana, we are very grateful, the birth certificate of our daughter, from the civil registry, is a benefit for her; We thank him very much for the benefit of our children, for the governor and for his wife for these benefits that they provide us ”, Judith Margarita Tovar Arratia and her husband Juan Francisco Rodríguez Carrizales, beneficiary couple.

In addition to these actions, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He supervised the operation of the MiquiGreen broom and brush factory, dedicated to the production of products with lettuce, a raw material from the region and with sales at the national level and with projection abroad.

He also visited the Rural Hospital 01 where he promised to have more resources to strengthen their health services and supervised the paving of Matías S. Canales street in the municipal seat; work that includes the installation of public lighting, trimmings and sidewalks.

The President of the Political Coordination Board of the Tamaulipas Congress, Local Deputy Gerardo Peña Flores, the general director of the Tamaulipas DIF System, Diana Evelyn Mata Monreal, the mayor of Miquihuana, Anselma de León were present at the Un Gobierno Cerca de Ti seminar Cruz, the president of DIF Miquihuana, Delfino Mejía Balderas.

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