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Government and DIF Tamaulipas continue to bring free services and programs to communities in Tamaulipas.



June 29 of the 2021

Palmillas, Tamaulipas.- Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and his wife, the President of DIF Tamaulipas, Mariana Gómez de García Cabeza de Vaca, chaired this Tuesday the session of A Government Close to You in the municipality of Palmillas, in order to offer government services free of charge to the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

For the fourth time in the municipality, the president and his wife came to supervise the work of the program in charge of the DIF system, in which various services and attention were provided such as delivery of glasses, psychological and legal guidance, civil registry, tax office, comprehensive women's health, self-employment program, medical and dental consultation, as well as family gardens, Tamaulipeco Institute of Housing and Urbanism (ITAVU), among others.

"The State Government continues to promote programs and projects to benefit the people who need it most and also need it, there are many, these programs in terms of health, support for medical consultations, prosthetics, people are supported," reported .

“There is still much to do, it is also true that we have made significant progress in our state, there is a different environment, I told them 5 years ago that we were not only going to change a government, but that there was going to be a change in attitude, today they turn to see Tamaulipas and see it for what it is, the most important border state in our country, "he added.

During the delivery of support, beneficiaries of communities in the region, recognized more benefits of the days Un Gobierno Cerca de Ti.

“I was struggling because I did not have a way to move my son and I am grateful because they support me, not just me, other people also benefit from this support, we thank the lady and the governor for all the effort that he does to support us all, ”said María Elizabeth Cervantes Villanueva, a beneficiary with a wheelchair for her 7-year-old son José Guadalupe Montoya Cervantes, originally from the San Vicente ejido.

“Very good because they benefit from the school breakfast rooms, right now they are sending breakfast, it helps them a lot and we hope they continue this way with this support that we need so much, we are very happy with the support that has arrived, we thank Governor Francisco a lot Cabeza de Vaca and his wife because she does not forget about us, about the children more than anything else and that they are looking out for them, ”said Sayda Patricia Sifuentes Charles, mother of 8-year-old José Manuel Ramírez Sifuentes and beneficiary with a school breakfast room equipment.

“We are very happy because if it is something that we occupy and if it is very useful for us, we want to thank you, on behalf of the San Vicente ejido, the governor and his wife, since it is difficult for us to go there and we thank you that they come to us ”, thanked María del Rosario Camacho Gutiérrez, beneficiary with community dining room equipment.

The governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He said that in coordination with the Tamaulipas DIF, efforts will continue to bring this type of service to the most remote areas.

On a working tour of Palmillas, García Cabeza de Vaca and his wife visited the Iglesia de la Señora de las Nieves, the first Catholic church in the entity built in 1777, which was recently restored with the support of the Government of Tamaulipas in order to preserve its history and the works of art inside that date from the XNUMXth century, as well as strengthening the municipality as a religious tourist destination.

The general director of the DIF Tamaulipas, Diana Evelyn Mata Monreal, the municipal president of Palmillas, Laura Córdova Castillo and the president of the DIF Palmillas, Silvia Pérez Barrón were present at the assistance conference.

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