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  • 17 of February 2021
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Francisco government Cabeza de Vaca recovers 5.8 hectares in Playa Miramar.



17 2021 February


Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas.- A total of 5.8 hectares of land in Playa Miramar that were unduly in the hands of individuals, were recovered by the Government of the State of Tamaulipas, in order to generate confidence and certainty to detonate new investments that strengthen the tourist vocation region of.

“This is a decision that opens the door to new opportunities for social development and inclusive growth, an act of justice that once again closes the door to impunity and past abuse, because today we give all Tamaulipas families a place a very attractive natural that years ago they tried to take from us for the economic benefit of a few ”, said Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca when making the announcement of this action.

He added that this action "is just the beginning, we are going for many more hectares that we are going to recover in favor of Tamaulipas families."

The recovered surface consists of 5 urban lots, with which it seeks to detonate investments in the hotel, restaurant and commercial sector to promote the tourist vocation of Playa Miramar, considered the second most visited beach in the country by land and one of the main destinations in the Gulf of Mexico.

“There was no legal certainty, in short, the lands of the Tamaulipas were in the hands of individuals. Yes, they had been stolen. That is why we are recovering these lands and we are going to make them available to the people of Tamaulipas and what better way for local investments to arrive and open ourselves to all those who see this as an opportunity to invest ”, said the president.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Tamaulipas, Fernando Olivera Rocha, announced that an economic benefit is estimated due to the attraction of investments in the recovered lots, ranging from 800 to 1 billion pesos for traditional and all-inclusive hotel projects. , condominiums, housing and shopping centers. Adding from 500 to 700 new hotel rooms, 50 condominiums and the generation of up to 1 direct jobs.

On behalf of the productive sectors of the region, businessman Jesús Abud Saldívar of the Council of Business Institutions of the South of Tamaulipas (CIEST) recognized the measure implemented by the Government of Tamaulipas. "Today we have an enormous opportunity to see that our main tourist destination grows with this work that the Government of Tamaulipas has done."

The Legal Advisor of the Government of Tamaulipas, Hilda Gómez Gómez, explained that the recovered land was the subject of an investigation made up by the Special Prosecutor's Office in the Fight against Corruption and brought before the judicial authority for the crimes of embezzlement, criminal association and operations with resources of illicit origin, which culminated in the delivery of the goods as payment in reparation for the damage caused to the State of Tamaulipas.


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