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  • 19 of February 2021
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Tamaulipas government will maintain support for livestock producers.

In the first event of the year of the genetic improvement program, Governor Francisco Gracia Cabeza said that in the face of adverse weather conditions, like the farmers, the ranchers will also be supported. 


19 2021 February

Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas.- On a working tour in the municipality of Soto La Marina, one of the most important livestock regions of Tamaulipas, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He assured that livestock producers are not alone in the face of the effects caused by the freezing wave in the northern states of the country.

"Despite the adversities that we are going through, my Government will continue to make the necessary efforts to ensure that they are not alone, the Government of Tamaulipas will support the ranchers and farmers of the state, make no mistake," he said .

García Cabeza de Vaca inaugurated in Soto la Marina the first Livestock Genetic Improvement event of the year; scheme whereby the State Government, through the Rural Development Secretariat, subsidizes 50 percent of the purchase of registered stallions, in order to strengthen the quality of the Tamaulipas cattle herd, recognized at the national level.

“We have to make an effort to continue with the Genetic Improvement Program. We must continue to support the record producers and those who buy these bullfighters. It is the only way to maintain the genetic quality that you have and that is recognized by locals and strangers, "he said.

Since the beginning of the administration of Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca More than 76 million pesos have been allocated to subsidize the purchase of more than 6 bovine, sheep and goat stallions, as well as heifers and 6 embryos.

The State Governor also delivered a new Tam Station on the Soto la Marina highway, in order to strengthen regional and highway security. These complexes are built by the Government of Tamaulipas every 50 kilometers on the main roads of the state to support motorists.

He also supervised the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Soto la Marina River, started a pavement rehabilitation and construction program, and supervised the construction of hydraulic infrastructure to improve drinking water service in La Pesca Town and surrounding communities of the municipality. from Soto la Marina.

The Secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García, the President of the Regional Cattle Union of Tamaulipas, Julio César Gutiérrez Chapa, Mayor Abel Enrique Gámez Cantú and the Commander of the La Pesca Naval Sector, Rear Admiral César Olivares also participated in the work tour. Acosta.

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