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  • 19 of February 2021
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Recognizes Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca delivery and commitment of the Mexican Army.



19 2021 February

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Governor of the State of Tamaulipas, Francisco García  Cabeza de Vaca, together with Brigadier General DEM Pablo Alberto Lechuga Horta, Commander of the 8th Military Zone, presided over the commemorative ceremony for the 108th Anniversary of the Mexican Army, where civilian forces and the Tamaulipas people paid honors to one of the most prestigious institutions in Mexico.

In celebrating the dedication and dedication of each and every Mexican who with honor and commitment make this armed institute a source of pride for the country, Governor García Cabeza de Vaca recognized the Mexican Army as a guarantor of national sovereignty and trust for the civilian population, always in solidarity with the Tamaulipas people.

“Thank you to each and every one of you, ladies and gentlemen who embrace the arms race and who likewise support the people of Tamaulipas who face natural disasters, who are determinedly joining the fight against crime, on behalf of the families of Tamaulipas and the State Government, I congratulate you on this day, "said the president.

And he added "know that you will always have the support of the Government of the State of Tamaulipas and its Governor."

The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He stressed that the Mexican Army has always been accompanying the people of Tamaulipas to contribute peace of mind and relief efforts against the onslaught of nature.

In his message, General Pablo Alberto Lechuga Horta, Commander of the 8th Military Zone, said that after 108 years of institutional loyalty where they have evolved as Armed Forces, walking hand in hand with society and government, facing together the challenges of becoming a national , such as the current pandemic generated by COVID-19.

“Mr. Governor, the soldiers who are part of the 8th Military Zone, we appreciate your unconditional support that has allowed us to redouble our efforts in fulfilling the tasks assigned in Tamaulipas, which is reflected in the confidence of the population towards the members of the Armed Forces ”, said Brigadier General DEM

He stressed that the actions of the soldiers, for the benefit of the population, their growing professionalism, respect for human rights and closeness to the people, are factors that have contributed to being worthy of the trust of Mexicans.

Accompanying this commemorative act was Vice Admiral, José Carlos Vera Vidal, Commander of the 1st Naval Zone, Inspector General of the National Guard, Pedro Ventura Vargas, State Coordinator of the National Guard in the State, Deputy Gerardo Peña Flores, President of the Board of Political Coordination of the State Congress, Judge Horacio Ortiz Renán, President of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Council of the State Judiciary, the Mayor María del Pilar Gómez Leal, the Captain of the Frigate, José Ontiveros Miolina, Secretary of Public Security in Tamaulipas, among other guests.

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