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Francisco Cabeza de Vaca promotes Tamaulipas as the main clean energy state in the country.




January 7 of the 2021

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. In a weekly press conference, the Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de VacaHe said that his administration will continue to promote and defend clean energy, particularly those generated through the wind farms installed in Tamaulipas.

“It is and will continue to be a priority of my government to support clean energy and defend it because I firmly believe in it. We promote clean energies because it is not only a claim of the new generations who demand that we stop polluting, but they are 6 times cheaper than those produced by the CFE through fuel oil or coal, "said the president.

He assured that Tamaulipas is the entity most benefited by the Energy Reform thanks to its potential for the generation of clean energy, as well as non-renewable resources such as gas and oil located in Tamaulipas territory and waters.

He reported that thanks to the Reform, more than $ 5 billion dollars of Direct Foreign Investment have reached Tamaulipas, and that wells are currently being drilled in deep and ultra-deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico off the coasts of Matamoros and Tampico, in addition to the fact that Drilling on land to extract gas and oil will soon begin.

"It is a very great dynamism that this Reform has and of course I am going to continue defending it because I firmly believe in it and it is not said in clean energies," he said.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca He also announced that the United States Government authorized the expansion to 4 additional lanes of the Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge, which will increase the capacity of crossings for the transport of cargo and passengers and reduce travel times.

“One of the most important International Bridges that this country has will be expanding. This speaks of the dynamism that Tamaulipas is experiencing, it speaks of the confidence that we have but above all of the opportunities that this project will generate, such as expanding the Reynosa-Pharr Bridge ”, the president celebrated.

The Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge is the main crossroads for perishable products in the country and the second in Tamaulipas with the largest number of import and export operations, registering the crossing of up to 3 cargo vehicles daily, in both directions.

During the first half of 2021, environmental impact studies will be carried out in the area, construction work will begin in the second half of the year and its conclusion is expected in 2023.

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