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They bring smiles, toys and sweets to little Tamaulipas.


December 22 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Elements of the State Police for Crime Prevention, of the Public Security Secretariat of the Government of Tamaulipas, organized themselves to collect sweets and toys, in order to bring a gift to low-income children in these holidays and keep the traditions of the season.

This noble work was born from a group of young police officers eager to carry out various programs for the community such as crime prevention and deterrence.

The elements of the Victoria Delegation contributed a grain of sand, such as: toys, sweets, piñatas, to this action with a cause to which citizens joined, with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to children living in a vulnerable situation.

"We contribute a grain of sand to each of the members of Crime Prevention, Victoria Delegation, people have also joined with toy donations who see this good intention of bringing a smile to children at this Christmas time," said the altruistic police .

And he added "the important thing is to bring a smile and see the happy face of the child, that at least this Christmas he can have a gift, have something to play with."

He commented that the initiative was born as a result of the tours they take daily in the neighborhoods of the periphery, as well as in the center of the city, and they see the need of children, who know that their parents live day by day and by therefore it is difficult for them to give them a Christmas gift.

“They are thanked a lot, sometimes there are many children, because of the situation that is happening right now, there are many parents who do not have the resources to give them a little detail and they (Police) are offering a little joy to the children, and for that, we thank them very much, ”said Mrs. Magali Camacho from the Liberal Colony.

The caravan of gifts arrived at Colonia Bethel, close to the Sierra Madre, where it was accessed with elements of the Mounted Police and a reiser car, in addition to 2 patrols of the State Police.

It was in the public field of this town, where the elements continued to deliver these Christmas gifts to hundreds of girls and boys from the surrounding neighborhoods such as Ampliación Estudiantes, Manuel A. Ravize and Tomás Yarrington.

"It seems very good to us, right now as we are in a pandemic, sometimes there is no work, sometimes we cannot buy a gift for the children and then thank you very much and God bless you, for remembering our children", thanked Magdalena Sauza, mother of family of a little girl.

Mrs. Elena Guadalupe Rodríguez Ledezma, resident of the Student Expansion Colony, was grateful for the gifts that the Police officers brought to their children, “Thank you very much that they remembered us, it is a blessing from God, they give us, thank you very much that They took a little of their time and money in giving the children, thank you very much from the heart.

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