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National Security Law will have commercial and security repercussions



December 17 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The reform to the National Security Law, which limits the action of authorities of North American agencies in the national territory, will generate severe implications in terms of foreign trade and security for the states of the northern border, mainly, explained the Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, during the meeting of the Federalist Alliance held this Wednesday in the state capital.

“The National Security Law will have some implications in our states, especially in binational dealings with the United States. Based on these amendments to the Law that have been made in our country, there will be repercussions both in the commercial and security fields, "he said.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca He explained that, beyond the security issue, the reform could limit the performance of North American customs agents in the certification of Mexican export companies, generating a harsh impact on the competitiveness of national companies engaged in foreign trade.

For entities with a high flow of exports of agricultural products, such as Tamaulipas, the work of agents of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a body that certifies Mexican products, would be limited. that are exported to the neighboring country.

"This will strongly damage the commercial relationship with the United States, beyond the security issue," said the president.

He announced that a third implication would be to prevent the work of the North American agents who supervise the working conditions in which the T-MEC is applied in Mexican companies; subject agreed by the Governments of Mexico and the United States for the approval of the Treaty.

“It must be remembered that they strongly insisted that the Labor Reform be properly applied. Among the agreements signed in the T-MEC is that the United States was going to send supervisors to ensure that it was being applied properly. This will also have some restrictions, "he explained.

Regarding binational security, he recalled that Tamaulipas works with 7 US agencies in the Prosperity and Border Security Campaign, which has allowed the capture of priority objectives, regain confidence and reduce crime rates.

"Of course this (the reform) is putting at risk the good relationship that exists with our northern neighbors."


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