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State-Municipality-Private Initiative Coordination benefits hydraulic infrastructure.


December 12 of the 2020

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- During his work tour last Friday in Reynosa, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, accompanied by Mayor Maki Ortiz Domínguez, inaugurated and started up a new cistern tank with the capacity to store 6 thousand cubic meters, a work that sets a precedent in terms of infrastructure modernization and improvement of the drinking water service in the city.

"This work that is being inaugurated is the reflection of that understanding that we have to unite Society and Government to move Reynosa and Tamaulipas forward," said Governor García Cabeza de Vaca during the inauguration.

He noted that despite budget cuts, the Government of Tamaulipas will continue to strengthen municipalities to generate better development conditions.

“I am fully convinced that this country is going to resurface from the bottom up, that is, from the municipalities and states because we are the ones who are promoting development, we do understand that we have to unite the productive sectors, Municipal Government and Government State to promote productive projects to generate better conditions, "he said.

The construction of the work began last January and required an investment of $ 35 million pesos to benefit more than 5 families in the western sector of Reynosa, guaranteeing the availability of water and improving the pressure of the same in the household connections.

The tank is the largest capacity so far in the city, which marks a watershed in hydraulic infrastructure in Reynosa, using technology to save energy, assuring water pressure in the household intake, 5 horizontal centrifugal pumps in steel stainless for a flow of 18 and 35 lps.

The water storage tank was imported from the city of Chicago, from the US state of Illinois. It is a Vitrum 104-24 WTCF model, with a capacity for 5 thousand 678 cubic meters, TiO-2 glass fused to steel and an aluminum geodesic roof, with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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