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Tamaulipas Government begins Safe Winter 2020 program



December 18 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Tamaulipas declared itself today in permanent session, on the occasion of the Christmas season, to be attentive to any situation and continue to provide security to Tamaulipas and those who visit or they transit through the state.

At a meeting held this morning, headed by Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, which was attended in person by the members of the State Government Security Cabinet, as well as virtually the commands of the Mexican Navy, Mexican Army and federal agencies related to security, the actions deployed in the entity in recent weeks, to protect citizens and combat crime.

In particular, it was reported on the actions that are carried out within the Winter Safe 2020 and Welcome Paisano programs in which state and federal corporations participate, which aim to provide tranquility and confidence, especially on roads.

At the meeting, the Secretary of Health of the State Government, Gloria Molina, gave an account of the situation in Tamaulipas in terms of the Covid 19 pandemic and the need not to lower our guard in prevention measures to avoid contagion during the December holidays.

Coordination between the agency and state corporations with the Armed Forces and federal security entities has been key to achieving that Tamaulipas today is ranked 25th in terms of crime incidence, within the national ranking.

This explains that since 2018 there have been continuous decreases in the number of crimes that affect the integrity and heritage of Tamaulipas.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca thanked the Armed Forces for their support for the work carried out by state corporations.

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