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COVID-19 traffic light advance will not modify precautions in Tamaulipas: Governor.

The president assures that for now the measures established to avoid contagion will not be relaxed in order not to register an increase in the number of cases of the coronavirus.


June 11 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, announced that his administration will keep in force the measures recommended by the State Committee on Health Safety, after the announcement of the Federal Health Secretariat, to locate Tamaulipas as the only state in the country with an orange color at the traffic light that measures infections by COVID-19.

The president said that "we continue with the same rhythm, with the same pattern, with the same precautions, taking all health measures."

Garcia recognized Cabeza de Vaca that many productive sectors of the entity wish to resume their activities, but that the decisions to limit the mobility of the population are based on hospital capacity and the number of infections registered, to avoid a collapse in the health system.

"We continue in the same direction, although it is true that for the next 15 days it is intended that there be a gradual opening of some areas, of some sectors by 25 or 30 percent, this is what can change," he added. .

Currently, he reported, the occupancy of beds intended for COVID-19 patients is 30 percent.

The measures implemented by the Government of Tamaulipas and which are currently in force until July 15, contemplate the closure of establishments with non-essential activities, the compulsory use of mouth covers in any public place, the closure of tourist and leisure destinations, the application of the "Today does not circulate" program, the placement of filters at international crossings and other measures.

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