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Public servants will continue to work from home until June 30.

The measure is intended to prevent the spread and transmission of the SARS-COv2 virus (COVID-19).


June 12 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The public servants of the Government of Tamaulipas will continue working from home until June 30, according to the decree published this Friday afternoon in the Official State Newspaper.

After meeting on June 12, the State Committee for Health Safety recommended extending the work license with pay to the public servants of the dependencies and entities of the State Public Administration, taking into account the prevailing health situation in the entity generated by the SARS-COv2 virus (COVID-19).

The foregoing in order to prevent the spread and transmission of the coronavirus.

In this way, the Holders of the dependencies and entities of the State Public Administration are instructed, so that the public servants assigned to their position continue until June 30 of this year, carrying out their tasks entrusted from home , as long as it is not essential to do it from your workplace, derived from the current emergency situation.

This Friday's Agreement modifies the sixth, seventh and tenth articles originally published in the document published on May 29, which extended the license to public servants until June 15.

Since the health contingency began in the state, Tamaulipas has been one of the states that have made the greatest efforts and strategies to mitigate the contagion and effectively attend to those who test positive for this virus; 8 mobile hospitals were built in the areas with the highest population concentration, the double program is applied daily and does not circulate in the municipalities with the highest vehicle density, as well as the website and telephone line served by health sector specialists: coronavirus.tamaulipas

This new determination can be consulted in the decree issued through the Official Newspaper of the State of Tamaulipas, published at the following link: Ext.No_.7-120620F-EV.pdf

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