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Governor makes work tour of Soto la Marina.

The president delivered a package of road, social and sports infrastructure works for the benefit of thousands of families residing in this municipality and its visitors.


June 29 of the 2020

Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas.- On a working tour, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, delivered a package of road, social and sports infrastructure works to strengthen tourism as one of its productive vocations and provide well-being to families.

Along with the mayor, Abel Gámez Cantú, and the Federal Deputy, Vicente Verástegui Ostos, García Cabeza de Vaca He handed over the rehabilitation of the Villa de Casas-Soto La Marina highway, traveled daily by the region's inhabitants and agricultural producers, as well as by passers-by who, during vacation or leisure periods, enjoy the attractions of Playa La Pesca.

The repaired section consists of more than 2 kilometers of highway, located a few kilometers from the access to Soto La Marina, which presented dangerous sinkings that were repaired through an investment of nearly 34 million pesos for the benefit of 5 users of this via.

García Cabeza de Vaca He also toured various lands located on the Soto La Marina-La Pesca highway, where the Government of Tamaulipas has planned the construction of drinking water works, consisting of an intake work, elevated tank, water treatment plant, pumping tank, regulation tank. or regime change, which will allow improving service to the communities in the area.

As part of its agenda, it delivered the paving, rehabilitation and repackaging of a series of streets in the municipal seat to give fluidity to vehicular traffic and improve the quality of life of more than 22 thousand inhabitants in various sectors. The work required an investment of around 12 million pesos.

Along with the head of the Tamaulipeco Sports Institute, Carlos Fernández Altamirano, a joint rehabilitation of the Municipal Baseball Park was also delivered so that, once sanitary conditions in the entity allow it, users practice their favorite sport in a suitable space.

Finally, it provided extraordinary food supports for families in conditions of vulnerability to the health emergency due to COVID-19.

As well as additional rooms of the State Social Infrastructure Fund (FISE) program, aimed at expanding the number of rooms in houses in vulnerable conditions to avoid overcrowding of those who occupy them.

In Tamaulipas, 5 people benefit from the construction of 730 new spaces of this type.

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