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Governor expresses position on suspension of renewable energy projects in the state

The federal government's decision to stop investment in clean energy would impact Tamaulipas in at least 15 projects, 11 in operations and 4 in development, where there are investments of 3 billion dollars.



May 20 of the 2020

Through a video message broadcast this Wednesday in his official accounts, the Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, set its position on the decision of the National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) to stop renewable energy projects.

Derived from that measure, Tamaulipas will become one of the most affected entities with losses for the state in investments of around 3 billion dollars in a total of 500 projects, 15 of them already started and 11 in process and that will be would activate this year.

He said that thanks to the trust generated by this administration, national and foreign investors decided to establish their companies in Tamaulipas, which today has positioned itself as one of the states with the largest production of clean energy in the country.

«The unfortunate decision to stop clean energy development projects will negatively impact the 11 wind farms that are currently in operation in Tamaulipas, which have represented investments of more than 2 million dollars and an important source for the creation of jobs, "said the president.

He added that "additionally canceling the 4 energy projects that were about to start, represents a loss of more than 200 billion dollars, which would no longer be invested in our state."

He said that his administration will take the necessary legal actions to defend the interests of Tamaulipas and protect investments that not only generate thousands of jobs, but also income for landowners and the opportunity to generate clean energy for thousands of homes. and companies.

García Cabeza de Vaca He regretted that the Federal Government wants to return to the past, using fuel oil for the generation of electrical energy and thereby continue polluting the environment.


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