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Xicoténcatl Fair Governor opens.

  • From 12 to 16 March, this festivity will be held to commemorate the municipality's 269th anniversary.


March 12 of the 2020

Xicoténcatl, Tamaulipas.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, together with the mayor, Noemí González Márquez, made the inaugural ribbon cutting of the Xicoténcatl 2020 Fair, an event for family coexistence and commercial, artisanal, gastronomic, artistic and cultural exhibitions.

The festival takes place in the commemorative framework of the 269th Anniversary of the foundation of this municipality.

During his message, the Governor reiterated his commitment to the families of this sugarcane region to continue working every day to put high on behalf of our state.

"Make sure that our children and the next generations, deliver a better Tamaulipas," said the president.

He stressed that this municipality is distinguished by its good people, hard-working and deeply rooted people.

"Keeping our traditions alive, like this event today, speaks of the sense of belonging, of the identity that we have throughout Tamaulipas, this highlights the pride of being Tamaulipas," he said.

The president made a tour of the stands, 136 gastronomic and commercial spaces dedicated to products made by local and regional artisans.

At the beginning of these celebrations, the president crowned the queen of the Xicoténcatl 2020 Fair, Miss Mirle Wong Samaniego, and a fireworks show was presented.

The Mammoth Valley is one of the tourist attractions promoted by the municipality's Economic Development and Tourism stand, an area where you can see excavations, bone remains such as tusks and mammoth teeth and prehistoric fauna, as well as arrowheads, clay figurines of the Huasteca culture, among other vestiges.

The celebrations were attended by Deputy Gerardo Peña Flores, President of the Political Coordination Board of the State Congress; César Verástegui Ostos, Secretary General of the Government; Federal deputy Vicente Verástegui Ostos; the Secretary of Rural Development, Ariel Longoria García; the Infantry Colonel, Valentín Pedroza Gutiérrez, Commander of the 61st First Infantry Battalion; Operational Commander of the National Guard Mante Highway Division, Eduardo Huerta Herrera; the Second Captain of the 12th Infantry Battalion of the National Guard in Mante, Ignacio Tovar Hernández.

To the rhythm of the Mexican regional genre, vocalist Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa de Monterrey, sang and danced hundreds of attendees during the first day of this popular festival.

From March 12 to 16, artistic shows and rides will be held in the facilities of the Sports Unit.

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