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"A day without Women" leaves semi-empty government offices.

"A day without Women" leaves semi-empty government offices.

This day the male public servants covered the absence of female labor, to avoid interrupting the services of the State Government.


March 09 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- More than 97 percent of the employees of the central offices of the Government of Tamaulipas were absent from their work this Monday, according to the Secretary of State Administration.

Only in the Bicentennial Tower, where around 1500 women work, only 30 of them attended, while in other areas such as Government Palace and offices in different municipalities of the entity, the call for Perform a general strike in protest against violence against women in Mexico.

In total, the registered assistance was 2.1 percent, out of 6793 central government employees.

In the administrative area of ​​the Ministry of Public Security, an attendance of 7.2 percent was recorded.

The hospitals of the state health service had guards to avoid affecting the attention to the community, while the presence of public security elements in the 43 municipalities of the state was also covered.

The Ministry of Public Education reported that in some schools of at least 16 municipalities of the entity, the classes were suspended for a little or no student attendance, derived from the movement «A day without women».

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