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Governor summons mayors to face coronavirus

He announced that, with health personnel, surveillance will be reinforced at all border crossings with the United States.


March 20 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, chaired this Friday a prevention training meeting before COVID-19, with mayors and mayors of Tamaulipas and heads of health jurisdictions, as one of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The work tables were held at the Polyforum Victoria facilities, where chairs were placed at a distance between each one, applying sanitation protocols.

The president expressed to the municipalities that in this situation Tamaulipas requires his leadership to unite efforts, capacities, talents, resources and all the political will, before a delicate health issue such as the coronavirus pandemic.

"Your state, your municipalities, require your leadership, put aside any type of situation of ideals or partisan color, here on this issue they do not fit, we are witnessing a very delicate issue a pandemic that has affected many countries in the world ; Mexico and Tamaulipas are no exception, "said the governor.

The Governor highlighted the importance of Tamaulipas in the country due to the commercial movement that is generated daily between Mexico-United States.

“I point this out, because, our neighbors to the north, already made drastic decisions, starting with the Government of Texas; who has determined a health emergency in his state, where covid-19 outbreaks of coronavirus have already emerged. ”

He announced that in the coming days a deployment of 250 people from the health sector will be implemented, at all border crossings with the United States, who will perform temperature taking and application of antibacterial gel, in addition to other preventive health measures.

He explained that the State Government and the State Technical Committee on Health Safety took measures, practically increasing actions to level 2, carrying out reviews at the 5 international airports, seaports and bus stations.

The Tamaulipas government has recommended the suspension of discotheques, bars, what has been weddings, event centers and everything else where people can gather.

For her part, the Health Secretary, Gloria Molina Gamboa, called on mayors to become the leaders of preventive measures, which are basically 3: social distancing, a communication strategy to responsibly disseminate preventive measures and a plan for preparation and response, as tools against the coronavirus.

The Secretary General of the Government, César Verástegui Ostos; the Head of the Governor's Office, David Cerda Zuñiga; the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Alejandro García Barrientos; and the commission of the State Delegation of the ISSSTE, Ariel Gámez Cruz.

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