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  • 10 of February 2020
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Second stage Governor of the Reynosa Military Baccalaureate opens

The Government of Tamaulipas invested more than 30 million pesos in the expansion of the facilities of this educational institution.


10 2020 February

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, inaugurated in this city the second stage of the building that houses the Reynosa Military Baccalaureate, the only education model in the state and the northern border of the country.

The baccalaureate opened in the 2018-2019 school year under a military regime based on discipline-honesty-equality values, taught by retired military personnel, trained by the Ministry of Education (SET) based on the country's new educational model.

Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca He thanked the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) for his contribution and contribution to this pedagogical effort.

"When the love of the country, knowledge and discipline come together in an educational system of this nature, the hope of a people and a nation will undoubtedly be transformed into certainties of progress, opportunities and satisfactions," he said. the governor.

He also stressed before military leaders, legislators and civil society, that this comprehensive education project represents a huge contribution to the teaching of universal values.

"The training and values ​​that are learned here in a militarized training model, provide our young people with tools that translate into job skills and development of skills and abilities," he said.

This new infrastructure, for which 34 million pesos were invested, has 9 teaching classrooms, electronics workshop, computer lab, medical service, administrative and auditorium area with capacity for 150 people. Built on 3 levels that will benefit more than 300 students as well as administrative staff.

It also has esplanade, multipurpose court, electrical substation, cistern and modernization of 3 existing buildings, and athletic track.

Currently the militarized baccalaureate, which began with 42 students, has 159 students who can graduate with their baccalaureate certificate and the title of Technician specialized in computer science, administration or electronics.

José Emiliano Garza Palacios, student of the 4th. Semester, he commented: "we are not the same students that you saw that day, we have had the positive transformation of our aptitudes and capacities, up to our mental and intellectual capacity".

In this ceremony the Governor, together with the representatives of the Armed Forces and authorities of the 3 Government Orders, carried out the unveiling of the plaque, which consists of the delivery of the new facilities of the educational campus, the first of its kind in the state .

Accompanied by the Governor, Brigadier General DEM Carlos Arturo Pancardo Escudero, Commander of the 8th. Military Zone, Rear Admiral IMPDEM Jaime Verástegui Camacho, Commander of the Matamoros Naval Sector, 1st Infantry Captain DEM Gonzalo Pacheco Santiago, director of the Military Baccalaureate, the Secretary of Education, Mario Gómez Monroy, Eduardo Gómez Leal Deputy Secretary of Planning of the Ministry of Works Public, the general director of ITIFE; Juan Patiño, members of the Security Bureau for the Construction of Peace, local legislators, civil society, among others.

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