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Reforesta Government of Tamaulipas State Park “El Refugio”

The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca launches reforestation actions as part of the commemoration of World Environmental Education Day.


January 27 of the 2020

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Government of Tamaulipas joined the celebration of World Environmental Education Day with the reforestation of the “El Refugio” State Park, a natural area with an area of ​​28.1 hectares, which protects 400 species of flora and fauna .

The governor, Francisco García Cabeza de VacaHe chaired the reforestation initiation ceremony with thousands of native trees of fourteen different species.

“It is important to continue promoting this type of program, yesterday, World Environmental Education Day was celebrated, as we continue to instill and educate our girls, boys and future generations in caring for the environment, that it is the measure that they are going to give to tomorrow's society, ”said the governor.

He stressed that new generations are demanding and demanding from governments to carry out actions for the care of the environment.

“Tamaulipas is today, the leading state in renewable energy generation, and will continue to take care of our forests, will continue to take care of our protected natural areas and to the extent that we are able to educate the next generations, it is the measure that we will be able to we have favorable results, ”said the president.

For his part, Gilberto Estrella Hernández, Secretary of Urban Development and Environment, highlighted actions and programs of sustainable environmental education, which is carried out by the current administration, from schools and homes.

Reforestation efforts have been deployed in the entity under the strategy of Plan United by Tamaulipas, donating 25 trees in the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Miguel Alemán, Valle Hermoso, Reynosa, Padilla, Güémez, Casas, Soto la Marina, Ciudad Victoria and Tampico.

In addition, 10 Wellness Centers, 25 schools and 25 public parks, received 5 trees, teaching material and talks on environmental care; To this action the State DIF has been added, through the Program “Reforesting Tamaulipas”, planted thousands of trees in public spaces in the 850 municipalities of the entity.

The natural park "El Refugio", is located next to the XXI Century Sports Unit, and will be reforested with ebony, mosques, holm oak, anacahuita, chapote, pincer, broom, san pedro, white stick, huizache, gavia, ash, Sweet stick, palm (Mexican zaval), among other varieties.

They accompanied the Governor Miguel Tinoco Sánchez, Undersecretary of Basic Education, and representative of the Secretary of Education, Mario Gómez Monrroy; Ricardo Lozano García, director of police groups; Horacio González Rosas, Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry on behalf of the Commander of the 77th Infantry Battalion, Eloy Cornelio Toledo; Among other guests.

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