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Governor works tour in Matamoros and Rio Bravo.

  • President presides over the inauguration of the expansion of the Valeo plant, which generates more than 600 new jobs.


January 28 of the 2020

Matamoros, Tamaulipas.- On a working tour along the northern border of Tamaulipas, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca held a dialogue-meeting with representatives of the productive sectors of this city and inaugurated the expansion of the Valeo plant in Rio Bravo, dedicated to the production of components for the automotive sector.

Valeo is a company of French origin established in Mexico since 1990. It currently has 10 plants in the country, including Rio Bravo, which specializes in the manufacture of automotive switches and sensors.

The expansion project consists of more than 23 thousand square meters in various areas of the manufacturing complex and the generation of 624 new jobs to add about 2 thousand generated by the company in this municipality.

"Once again we show that the state has the most valuable instrument that a transnational company such as Valeo can ask for and I mean the human resource, good people, work and that strives to be more competitive," said the Governor, before workers and managers of the company.

In Matamoros, Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca He met with representatives of the productive sectors of the region, with whom he spoke and presented an economic panorama of Tamaulipas, as well as investment projects for the entity and the municipality.

He highlighted the entity as a national leader in the generation of clean energy and foreign trade, in addition to being among the best in the country in federal tax collection, formal employment generation, reduction of informal employment and attraction of Foreign Direct Investment.

«Governments do not generate jobs, governments generate the conditions of certainty, trust, instruments, services and infrastructure so that the productive sectors generate investment, development and jobs. I mention this so that they know how the Governor thinks but above all so that they become aware of what they represent for the development of the country, ”he said.

During this working tour on the northern Tamaulipas border, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He gave awards to nurses and nurses of Matamoros and Valle Hermoso, on the occasion of the celebration of his day on January 6, whom he distinguished for his professional performance, human and scientific quality in favor of Tamaulipas families.

«I could not let this recognition pass to the effort and work of you, who not only see for health but also heal the soul by seeing families when they are in need, you extend your hand and that is something that my Government will recognize today and forever, ”said the Governor.

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