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  • August 02, 2019
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Reynosa will have a new government building.

The Government of Tamaulipas will have new facilities that will house the Fiscal Office, Civil Registry and Cadastral Institute to offer a better service.


August 02 of the 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, gave the kick-off to the construction of the new building of the Fiscal Office, Civil Registry and Registry and Cadastral Institute in this municipality and supervised the progress of work of the Health, Laboratory and Sanitary Jurisdiction Center number IV, during a work tour made in this border city.

“Without fear of making mistakes (this new building), the work carried out by the State Government is efficient; it is also dignify the offices and areas but above all, to change the public image of the municipality of Reynosa, ”said the Governor.

He added that multiplying, expanding and modernizing the spaces in which it serves and provides services to citizens is not only a matter of infrastructure but also of trust and competitiveness.

"Something that has to distinguish our state is that we have to be more efficient in every way, it is a matter of competitiveness, it is a matter of trust," he said.

The construction of the new building contemplates an approximate investment of 90 million pesos and will also allow to offer better working conditions to public servants.

The new facilities will be built in a space of 7 thousand square meters of which 3 thousand will be of construction.

The offices of the Civil Registry and the Public Registry of Property will be located on the ground floor. In the first level it will have an information module, cafeteria, dining room, accounting, auditing and foreign trade area.

Subsequently, Governor García Cabeza de Vaca supervised the progress of the replacement of the Health, Laboratory and Health Jurisdiction Center number IV, for which an investment of close to 88 million pesos is destined.

The ground floor will have a control and reporting kiosk, laboratory, pharmacy, 8 offices, healing and vaccination area, 2 dental offices, timely cancer detection, comprehensive adolescent care, nutrition, X-rays, ultrasound, clinical file, dead file , dining room, classroom, auditorium, administrative management and multipurpose room.

On the first floor it will house areas of Protection against Health Risks, Government of Jurisdiction and Administrative Medical Services.

The construction and modernization of the different offices of the Government of Tamaulipas in Reynosa allows to improve, streamline and professionalize the attention to the user who daily carries out procedures of various kinds and requests medical services.

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