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  • 04 de julio de 2019
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Operational start «Summer holidays 2019»

In a coordinated manner, authorities of the three levels of government will install 14 care modules throughout the state and will extend surveillance to roads and resorts of the entity from this 4 in July to the 25 in August.


4 July 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, gave the signal for the start of the Security Operation "2019 Summer Vacations", which will provide local and foreign tourists, vacations and safe recreation spaces, through surveillance and the installation of orientation, information and assistance modules in which authorities from the three levels of government participate.

The operation began the morning of this 4 of July and will extend until the 25 of August; deployed near 2 thousand 700 State Police, in the 43 municipalities, 374 vehicles, a helicopter, 60 riders and 20 canine binomials.

14 will be installed guidance, information and assistance modules, located in strategic locations and the Ministry of Tourism will maintain a monitoring of the influx in the 145 sites and 6 beaches most visited during holiday seasons, in coordination with the municipal tourism directorates.

"The start-up of the 2019 summer vacation security operation is further evidence of a responsible government determined to strengthen tourism; as an important part of its strategy to boost the economy of Tamaulipas families, "said the governor during the start of this security plan.

The president mentioned that the State Government, with the support of federal and municipal institutions, is launching a major operation aimed at providing security for passersby in Tamaulipas territory, in response to the growing confidence shown by tourists visiting the state with year.

"Once again we send a clear message that the policy of the State Government is to work hand in hand with the Mexican Army, the Navy of Mexico, the Federal Police and all the institutions involved to guarantee the safety of our passersby. and visitors, "Garcia said Cabeza de Vaca.

For his part, the Secretary of Public Safety, Vice Admiral Augusto Cruz Morales, highlighted the confidence shown in recent vacation periods, by a large number of visitors to the destinations of Tamaulipas, which has been generated from the coordination between the various institutions that join efforts.

He stressed that the actions together, allow security and surveillance work on roads, truck stations, commercial areas, without neglecting routine patrols in the rest of the territory of Tamaulipas.

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