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  • 09 de julio de 2019
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Installed CONAGO Coastal and Ports Commission chaired by Governor of Tamaulipas.

The president presented an agenda aimed at guaranteeing better conditions for the development of maritime ports and consequently the opportunity for greater economic growth in the country.


09 July 2019

Mexico City.- In the framework of the installation of the Coastal and Ports Commission of the National Conference of Governors, chaired by Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, the president presented an agenda of actions aimed at strengthening the operation of the country's seaports and thereby contribute to its economic development.

The General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, Héctor López Gutiérrez and the Secretary of the Infrastructure Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Adriana Paulina Teissier Zavala, as well as other leaders, assisted in the installation of this Commission. Senators and Federal Deputies.

Among the aspects that make up the agenda in port matters of this commission of the CONAGO, the Governor of Tamaulipas proposed to promote the development of the ports in conditions of competitiveness, quality and efficiency and to align them to the port communities through the conformation of a National Pact of Port Competitiveness and with the establishment of best practices in port operation.

Also promote the financial self-sufficiency of the ports and help the companies that participate in the sector have healthy finances, through the implementation of tariff schemes for productivity in the use of infrastructure and provision of services.

In addition, he said that it is necessary to strengthen the integral port administration of the most important ports in the country and to support the defense of the interests of the federation in the maritime subsector.

He said it is important to improve the use of the value of port spaces to increase the availability of resources for new investments and boost fishing and tourism activities in non-concessioned ports.

All these actions to be carried out in a coordinated manner by the three levels of government to contribute to a sustainable development of the country in this area, which represents 80% of the total volume of exports and is essential for the oil, chemical, petrochemical industries , automotive, steel and fishing.

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