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Statement from the Ministry of Public Security. SSP-160-2019


Julio 11 of 2019

Altamira, Tamaulipas. - The State Government through the Ministry of Public Security informs that, on the morning of this Wednesday 10 of July in this municipality, personnel of the State Police carried out the recovery of a vehicle with a report of theft and the arrest of two people.

The facts were recorded around the 10: 30 hours, when the state elements that made safety and surveillance tours, went to the call of C4 that had detected a Nissan Versa 2018 vehicle, silver color with report of theft circulating from south to north on the Tampico-Mante road at the height of the Residential Nautical.

After responding to the call, the State Policemen reached him in the downtown area on Boulevard Allende and Boulevard Primex, requesting the driver and his companion to come down from the unit for a review.

When verifying the serial number in Plataforma México, it released the 5 theft report of July of this year.

The vehicle and the two persons were placed at the disposal of the Specialized Unit in Vehicle Theft of the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) so that it carries out the corresponding investigations.

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