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Statement from the Ministry of Public Security. SSP-159-2019


Julio 11 of 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- The Government of the State through the Ministry of Public Security informs that, on the afternoon of this Wednesday 10 of July in this municipality, in two different actions, personnel of the State Police in coordination with the Federal Police led to the recovery of two vehicles with theft report.

Near the 14: 30 hours, in a coordinated operation between the state and federal corporations for the strengthening of safety on the Reynosa-San Fernando highway, at the height of the 71 kilometer, a van was placed in condition of abandonment.

The police elements reviewed a GMC Silverado model 2014, gray color, without license plates; the serial number was consulted in Plataforma México, resulting in a report of the 25 theft of May of this year.

In another action to the 16: 30 hours, the elements of the State Police and the personnel of the Federal Police, found in a neighborhood road after the ejido La Llorona, a vehicle Mazda 2 model 2019, white color, without plates, carrying performed the verification of the serial number in Plataforma México; this query resulted in 8's 2018 December date theft report.

The vehicles were placed at the disposal of the corresponding ministerial authority, which will be in charge of carrying out the pertinent inquiries.

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