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Statement from the Ministry of Public Security. SSP-157-2019


Julio 09 of 2019

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- In tribute for having given their lives to the service of Tamaulipas, the Ministry of Public Security carried out a present body ceremony in honor of the State Police Jorge Alberto "N" and Salvador "N", who died in service last Monday 8 of July in the municipality of Victoria.

The honors to fallen public servants were held in the facilities of the State Public Security Complex, chaired by Vice Admiral Augusto Cruz Morales, Secretary of Public Security, Captain José Jorge Ontiveros Molina, Undersecretary of Police Operation, family and friends of the Police

Jorge Alberto "N" had 31 years of age and was part of the State Police since July of the 2018, and was currently commissioned to the Directorate of Investigations.

Salvador "N" was 26 years old and had been discharged from the State Police in September of the 2018, he was currently part of the Directorate of Investigations.

During his message, the Secretary of Public Safety, Vice Admiral Augusto Cruz Morales, regretted that the two State Police lost their lives, who during the time they were in service were dedicated to work for the safety of the population.

"I deeply regret the loss of two elements of the corporation, with deep sadness today we come to dismiss them without first recognizing their vocation of service to others, their honor, courage, loyalty, dedication and sacrifice to the Tamaulipecos."

Cruz Morales, made it clear that the Secretariat will comply with the instruction of the Governor of the State, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, to continue the work of security and surveillance in the 43 municipalities of Tamaulipas.

"The lives of the state police officers who have fallen in the line of duty can not be restored, but if they are honored with the daily effort of their comrades who go out to the street to give their best effort."

In the farewell with honors of the State Police "A", Jorge Alberto "N" and Salvador "N", the roll call was made and the silence was played, where the companions of the corporation recognized their dedication, courage and sacrifice to the serve Tamaulipas

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