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Statement from the Ministry of Public Security. SSP-164-2019


Julio 12 of 2019

Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas .- The State Government, through the Ministry of Public Security, reports that this Thursday night 11 in July in this municipality, the State Police carried out the insurance of three packages, 220 wrappers and 140 green grass cigars with the characteristics of marijuana.

Around the 21: 00 hours, during a tour of security and surveillance, the state elements located a man who was walking on Venustiano Carranza Avenue between the streets 11 and 12, who when noticing the police presence began to run, what was followed up to an abandoned address.

The subject managed to flee but in the place 3 packages were found wrapped with cinnamon tape containing green grass with characteristics of marijuana.

In addition, 220 also wraps green grass inside a black suitcase and 140 cigarettes divided into 2 packets of 70 cigarettes each inside a black suitcase.

The insured was put at the disposal of ministerial authorities in the municipality of Reynosa, an instance that will be responsible for undertaking the corresponding investigation.

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