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  • 02 de julio de 2019
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Progress is made in cleaning, distribution of drinking water and health services in colonies of Reynosa

The Government of Tamaulipas, through the United for Tamaulipas initiative, maintains a presence in the sectors affected by the floods of last week.


02 July 2019

Reynosa, Tamaulipas. - The actions of cleaning and attention to families affected by the floods of last week in this municipality, register a significant advance thanks to the work done by the squads of workers of the Government of Tamaulipas.

Coordinated by the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment, the cleaning teams are responsible not only for sweeping the streets but also removing furniture, appliances and appliances that were damaged during the flood.

The mud, dirt and trash that still remain in the streets are being removed from the streets with the help of heavy equipment such as backhoes and trucks from the State Government.

The Ministry of Health has granted more than one thousand 100 medical consultations granted, and applied near 500 vaccines, managing to protect the health of 125 thousand Reynosenses from the sectors affected by the rains.

In addition, 96 has been given timely follow-up to pregnant women, clean yard work has been intensified, hatcheries have been eliminated and 61 health promotion and education workshops were given.

From the 24 from June to the 01 in July, 3 thousand 276 houses were visited in which more than 5 were neutralized a thousand containers and possible hatchery of the mosquito transmitting dengue, zika and chikungunya,

In parallel, sanitary checks continue to fixed and semi-fixed positions, the determination of residual chlorine, environmental monitoring of clear and black water, food sampling and disinfection of latrines.

The actions of the health brigades will be maintained for at least the following two months.

The neighbors of colonies like Paseo de las Flores, receive daily potable water distributed by pipes that the Government of Tamaulipas sends daily.

The attention in numbers:

51840 hot food servings

37930 purified water bottles

5602 cleaning kits

8413 blankets

3413 gallons of water

2870 pieces of clothing, among other props

1100 medical consultations

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